Planning permission this can sometimes be done for you already if you property and it is advertised that it has approval you will not require this. If you own a property that does not have this on it, you will  need professional help. Architects can be invaluable here or someone who is a property developer themselves or a property developing company  offering Project management can help. Using a professional can take the  pain and stress away from you making it a much better experience.

Finance is one of the most fun topics to deal with. As we all know talking to  banks can be difficult to get finance for homes. And the same if not  more difficult for projects and a good financial package is required as  all banks will have requirements including profit margin. Banks will not lend on a project with a lower than 20% profit margin.


Deal Making Decision Point

Examples of bad Planning and Design


Planning Starts Early

And do not forget to have an exit strategy at all phases!


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